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Since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, nutrition services are categorized as “preventive” by many insurance companies?

This means the coverage for nutrition services is more widespread than it used to be.

Fueled & Well Nutrition is in-network with several major health insurance carriers. Click here for more details regarding potential insurance coverage for nutrition services. 


At Fueled & Well we have seen how powerful consistent education, support and accountability is and want to provide that to all of our clients. 
As a result, we require clients to commit to working with us for at least 3 months. This is solely ensure you have the chance to find impactful, sustainable change. For clients whose health insurance does not cover nutrition services, we offer monthly nutrition support at several different price points. 

If you’re interested in working together, schedule your free call now! This helps determine if we’re a good fit and answer all of your questions. 


In-Network Insurance Plans

Fueled & Well Nutrition is an in-network provider with the following major health insurance plans:

  • A doctor’s referral is typically not required.
  • For nearly all UHC plans, a minimum of 3 wellness/ preventative visits are covered per year at 100%. Additional visits are covered by most plans, but they may require a copay or a medical referral for continued coverage.
  • Telehealth is usually covered, but individual plans may choose not to cover this benefit. 
  • Self-funded plans and “trusts” will have their own sets of rules.
  • BCBS plans vary significantly and have their own nuances regarding what is or is not covered and the requirements for coverage. 
  • Most BCBS plans do cover visits with us, but it is very important to call and confirm that with your specific plan.
  • A doctor’s referral is typically not required.
  • Telehealth is usually covered but some plans may choose to not cover it. 
  • Self-funded plans and “trusts” will have their own sets of rules.

If your insurance plan is not listed above, you may still be able to receive some coverage for nutrition services! This will vary widely depending on your plan type and your out-of-network benefits. We are also configured to accept HSA and FSA cards. If you have questions about the potential for coverage and do not have one of the above healthcare plans, reach out to

Additionally, we are in the credentialing process with several other major insurance carriers including: Cigna, Humana, and Medicare/Medicaid. This process can take several months or more. Check back for updates to this page as we add more insurance plans!


Every person is unique, and we believe packages should be the same way! There are a variety of different services that may be provided as part of your work with Brittany, which will depend on your individual needs, motivation style, and more. Questions? Head to the contact page to get in touch!

Please note that at this time, all nutrition services are being rendered via HIPAA-compliant video calls.