Whether you’ve been following us for a while or are totally new to our community, we are so glad you are here. Today we will be diving into the nutrition philosophy that we’ve developed and how we apply it in our work with clients.

How Fueled & Well Began

The online space is currently saturated with nutrition information – we totally get that! Sports nutrition is no different. You can Google “sports nutrition” and get an endless list of results. So why would we bother adding to the mass of information, you ask?

Our founder, Brittany Wehrle, is a sports dietitian by trade and has worked with athletes and active individuals of all levels. Over the years, she has realized that while sports nutrition information is readily available thanks to the internet, a lot of this information is either (1) written by people who don’t have a background in nutrition or (2) is heavily influenced by diet culture.

Brittany is deeply passionate about helping athletes fuel performance and learn more about nutrition while also cultivating a healthy, enjoyable relationship with food. She firmly believes that athletes do not need any more pseudoscience, food rules or restriction in their lives. They simply need quality nutrition information and a fresh perspective on food.

And thus, the Fueled & Well philosophy was born.

The Fueled & Well Philosophy

The Fueled & Well philosophy is made up of four main tenants. These guiding principles influence our individual work with athletes and inform all of the content we create.


Tenant #1: YOU are the expert of your Body

Diets and food rules are everywhere in today’s society. There are countless books, entire companies, social media accounts and documentaries dedicated to specific diets. This sends the message that we cannot trust our own body’s to tell us how they want to be nourished. That eating can be boiled down to “eat this, not that.” That some foods are “better” than others.

At Fueled & Well Nutrition, we empower you to be the expert of your own body. You live in it, after all! We are all innately born with the ability to recognize what foods make us feel good, which foods zap our energy, and the sensations of hunger and fullness. Over time, we are trained to ignore our body’s signals.

For some of us, this process is subtle: “Clean your plate.” “Don’t have sweets before dinner.” “We can’t keep that food in the house because it isn’t healthy.” For others, we may be encouraged by family members or healthcare providers to lose weight or “eat healthier” from a very young age which can be so damaging.

Regardless of how it happens, we are taught over time that we cannot trust our bodies. That we must outsmart our bodies or follow specific rules to make sure we do things the “right way.”

At Fueled & Well, we want to flip the script. The only way to not “do right” by your body is to ignore it. To force upon it rules or habits that feel unnatural to you. Our mission is to teach you how to reconnect with your body so that you can work with it, not against it.


Tenant #2: Sports nutrition principles are Just a guideline

The field of sports nutrition is fascinating and full of powerful information. Unfortunately, many athletes are such black-and-white thinkers that sports nutrition guidelines can quickly morph into a diet. Reading about how fat before workouts is not recommended can become twisted into “I don’t eat fat EVER around my training” … and now we have a rigid food rule that can become a problem.

The more black-and-white our nutrition views become, the harder it can be to adapt when needed.

Here at Fueled & Well, we use sports nutrition research to inform our practice, but that information is simply a starting point. Sports nutrition guidelines should not be seen as hard-and-fast rules. Ultimately, the most effective nutrition approach is the one that feels good to YOU. An eating style that makes you feel energized, confident and that you can sustain is ALWAYS a more positive choice than eating “by the book.”


Tenant #3: Food is nOT Simply “Fuel”

In recent years, this concept of food as “fuel” has become increasingly popular. Food as a means to an end, or as “gas in the tank” is a perspective that has become normalized. That is not to say that thinking about food in this way is wrong – the word “Fuel” is in our company name, if you hadn’t noticed! But so is the word “well.”  When we ONLY focus on food as fuel, we begin to strip away the subjective components. The way we feel about food. The connections and memories food helps us create. Food contributes so much more to our lives than the physical benefits.

Our company name speaks directly to our passion: blending fueling our bodies with the pursuit of being well. But don’t be fooled – there is no one way to achieve “being well.” Wellness has a different meaning for everyone.  For you it may involve having a better relationship with food, finding peace with your body, or feeling more energetic.  Our primary mission is to help you discover how nutrition can support your wellness and enrich your life.


Tenant #4: Individualization is Key

If you have consumed our content or talked to someone on our team before, you know that almost all questions we are asked are met with a very unsatisfying answer: “It depends.”

This is because nutrition really does depend on a multitude of factors: Your health history, injury history, current eating habits, genetics, sport, phase of training, and much more come into play whenever we discuss nutrition or health goals. You are a complex, dynamic individual who’s needs cannot be reduced to a set of food rules or a specific calorie limit.

Anyone who tells you otherwise – like influencers selling set meal plans or anyone selling a diet book/app – does not understand the nuance of nutrition well enough to help you truly nourish your body and mind.

At Fueled & Well, individualization is at the core of our work. 
By making nutrition work for YOU – and not the other way around – you can learn how to eat in a way that feels good and is sustainable for you. And that looks different for every single athlete we see.

Who We Work With

If you’ve made it this far and love the Fueled & Well vibe, thank you! You are our people and athletes like YOU are why we do this work. Keep reading to find out what working with Fueled & Well looks like.

We currently work with athletes of all ages, levels and sports who desire to fuel their bodies but also want to strike a healthy balance between food, performance, and enjoying life. We also work with people who may not think of themselves as traditional “athletes” including: weekend warriors, fitness instructors, and those who train recreationally.

Right now, we offer 1-on-1 nutrition coaching and are 100% virtual. Appointments are conducted via HIPAA-compliant video calls so that you still get that face-to-face interaction with your sports dietitian and can build a trusting, meaningful relationship over time!

Interested in working with us? Simply email our founder, Brittany at brittany@fueledandwell.com or click here to contact us.

Thank you for being here! It means the world to us to have the opportunity to serve and support you.

The Fueled & Well Nutrition Philosophy

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