Are you a fitness instructor worried about "looking the part?" Thinking that you need visible abs to sell out classes? If so, I would love to show you how you can make peace with your body and food and get back to doing on what you love: inspiring and connecting with your people!  


Let's get to know each other a bit better, shall we?

I'm Brittany. I’m a Golden Retriever mom, wife, coffee lover, cycle instructor, and a former dieter and over-exerciser.

I became a dietitian in 2017 just as I was overcoming my own decade-long tug of war with disordered eating and overexercising. 
I was feeling great about the work I had done on my relationship with food, body image, and exercise ...
and then in 2019 I started the process of becoming a cycling instructor.

And suddenly it felt like I took about a dozen biggggg steps backward in my mindset. 

If you're reading this you probably remember how challenging becoming an instructor was. Regardless of where or what you teach, training to teach fitness is a very vulnerable process. And when we are feeling vulnerable, a lot of our old mean-girl thoughts resurface. Or maybe our mind starts to create new ones.

Thoughts like:

x "You don't even have abs. Why would anyone sign up for your bootcamp class?"

x "I bet if I looked more like that teammate, I'd sell out classes just like they do"

x "Maybe if I toned up a little, people would expect my classes to help them lose weight, too"

And so it begins. We start to pick ourselves apart, falsely assuming that our appearance = our worth. 

Once that mindset kicks in, it's not surprising if we start restricting food, overexercising, or photoshopping the hell out of the studio photoshoot pictures to try to convince people - or ourselves - that we deserve to be in the industry.

I'm here to tell you that you are deserving exactly as you are. And I would love to help you see that.

yessss, please!

Sound familiar?

Stop letting bad body image days get in your head and affect how you show up during class

Learn to fuel your body so that you have energy to teach a packed schedule (without multiple energy drinks a day)

Release all of the unnecessary pressure on how you "should" look and eat as a fitness professional

Finally be comfortable taking rest days and eating fun foods

Scroll social media without falling into a body comparison trap when you see other instructors' content

Learn how to motivate your clients without talking about weight loss or "burning off" food

Feel more prepared for studio photoshoots, team teaches, and evals that currently make you over-fixate on your body 

Realize you are not alone in this struggle and connect with other instructors who are breaking their limiting beliefs, too

What if instead of feeling like this, you finally could figure out how to:


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Lifetime course access, 6 weeks of community support, discounts on continued support & 2 one-on-one coaching calls with Brittany (a $350 value) | Payment plans available

Lifetime course access, 6 weeks of community support, discounts on both continued community or 1-on-1 support 

Lifetime course access, 6 weeks of community support, discounts on both continued community or 1-on-1 support 



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OK, let's talk about allllll the goodies you get!

Lifetime access to 5 value-packed modules, complete with video trainings and downloadable resources

6 weeks of community support with fellow instructors who are working through the same challenges! Inside of the community you can share wins, cheer your teammates on, and get all of your questions answered by Brittany.

A Week 1 kickoff call and a Week 6 graduation call to help you feel connected to everyone in the program and talk through your fears and goals in realtime

Amazing bonuses like: My favorite pre-class fueling ideas, my Ultimate Hype playlist, and a guided audio visualization to set yourself up for success before teaching a class on a tough body image day

Access to exclusive discounts on other Fueled & Well services like 1-on-1 coaching with Brittany, our comprehensive Intuitive Eating course, supplement recommendations and more!

module 2

module 3

module 4

module 5

module 1

Diet & Fitness Culture 101

Body Image Deep Dive

Redefining Your "Why"

Taking Care of Your Body

Body Image Tools IRL

Learn how to recognize, reframe and replace toxic diet and fitness beliefs

Discover what drives your body image and how to build in neutrality & resilience 

Create a stronger purpose and sense of self as an instructor outside of your appearance

Learn the science of fueling your body for better energy, recovery and career longevity

Refine your tools for bad body image days & specific situations like photoshoots, social media, etc.

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for you if:

You are ready to approach how you think about food and your body differently, but just aren't sure where to start

You recognize the toll that fixating on your body is taking, and it no longer feels worth it

You are excited to do the work needed to bring an even better version of you to your fitness clients & community

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and are willing to put weight on the back burner in the process

You have an active eating disorder (if this is you, let’s chat about one-on-one coaching!)

You believe that changing your body is the only way to feel better or are looking for a weight loss program

You are a 1-on-1 personal trainer and your primary focus is helping clients lose weight*

alright, i'm ready!

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Because you receive access to all modules and content at once, we are unable to offer any refunds once the program starts. If you want some clarity before purchasing, please feel email me at so we can decide if this program makes sense for you!

This round starts Monday, September 19th and runs for 6 weeks. After the initial 6 weeks, you will have lifetime access to all course materials and training! If you choose to upgrade to the VIP option, I typically can accomodate our first 1-on-1 call within about 2 weeks of you signing up, and you will get an email about that shortly after purchasing.

Yes! If you head to the program checkout page, you can see our standard payment plans. If you feel like you need a different payment option, send me an email at and we can discuss it!

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