1:1 Nutrition Coaching:

Your opportunity to wipe the slate clean, rewrite your nutrition story and fuel for the life you desire!

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Let’s get real with each other for a second:

You deserve so much more than 2 random nutrition appointments where we ask you a bunch of questions, set a couple of "blah" goals - or give you a generic meal plan - and then wish you “good luck” as the virtual door hits you on the way out.

Here’s what working together looks like:

You have an accountability buddy and cheerleader, every step of the way

We really get to know you really well so that when we *do* provide you with nutrition guidance, it feels like the missing puzzle piece, instead of a generic piece of Googled advice.

You will build lasting confidence in your food choices by: replacing bad nutrition information with evidence-based strategies and discovering how to tap into your body's natural intuition 

We dig into alllllll the big stuff like:

- Why food is a stressor

- How your body image impacts the way you are taking care of yourself

- What is holding you back from adequately nourishing your body

- What’s going on with your bloodwork, fitness goals, and supplement needs

… the list of possibilities goes on and on. 

Here’s all the technical stuff you get too, in case you are curious:

Coaching calls every week or every other week (depending on your needs)

Access to an exclusive client portal and private messaging support

Picture-based food journaling (optional) that your dietitian will review and provide individual feedback

Analysis of bloodwork

Meal planning support

Performance nutrition strategy development 

Extensive client-only nutrition resources such as video trainings, handouts, recipe ideas, and more

Supplement recommendations (when appropriate) and exclusive supplement discounts

Provider collaboration as needed

Oh, One More Thing- Here’s What You Wont Get From Working With Us:

(hint: you’re not missing out on anything cool, don’t worry) 

  • A cookie cutter meal plan
  • Food rules
  • Judgment
  • Quick fixes
  • Weight loss plans
  • A single, 1-hour appointment
  • No accountability or support

Because we are obsessed with helping you create meaningful and lasting change, we require that all 1-on-1 clients commit to a minimum of 3 months of coaching. You did not learn to stress over food and think mean girl thoughts towards your body overnight - which means we can’t undo it overnight, either.
Are you more than ready to embrace food freedom, body peace, and reconnect with what health truly means for you?

Finding the "right fit" is key in your health journey. Here's how we do that:
Step 1: You fill out an application so that we can get to know you better
Step 2: If we believe we can help you, we will reach out within 2 business days to schedule a free "get to know you call"

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