Are you an athlete struggling to “fuel” your body properly?

Is your performance suffering because of your eating habits?

Do you find yourself stressed out by food rules and diets?

… What if I told you there was an easier way to approach nutrition?


I'm Brittany, a sports dietitian with a passion for teaching athletes how to fuel for optimal performance while also learning to enjoy food!

The Fueled & Well Approach

Fueled & Well Nutrition is where evidence-based practice, compassionate care & sports nutrition collide 
I am passionate about showing athletes how to ditch food rules and diets to unlock their performance potential

My athletes are guided through a 3-step program to ensure success and lasting change


We'll discuss your nutrition history and dive deep into the current food beliefs and practices that may be holding you back or making you unhappy.


We begin to pull apart the puzzle pieces of your relationship with food and performance. We will rework problematic thoughts and food behaviors here, too.


After reprogramming the way you think and feel about food, we can put the puzzles pieces back together to support your performance and health goals.


What Clients are Saying

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